Sirha Green, the trade show specialised in substainable food service | Sirha Green 2020

Sirha Green, the trade show specialised in substainable food service

People eat moderately outside their homes. This assessment brings up the development of specific market sectors such as the organic field, the vegan and vegetarian industry, the foodtech etc.

All of them reflect new consumers trends that already are disrupting the food-service as we know it. To help the food-service and restaurants industry finding solutions to those significant changes Sirha launches Sirha Green.

From June 17th to 19th, 2018 Eurexpo-Lyon in France will feature the very first edition of Sirha Green.


The events and animations planned during Sirha Green will feature innovations and best practices in the substainable food service industry.

The Agora : talks, chefs demonstrations, the Green Kitchen

The ‘Talks’:

A series of roundtables for and by professionals: ‘sourcing locally vs via a distributor’, ‘recycling biowaste’, ‘what equipment for my kitchen?’, ‘who are the new eaters?’ … are some the themes that will addressed (approximately fifteen) by more than 40 expert contributors. These 45-minute exchanges between professionals are designed to promote product innovations and highlight best practices for chefs.

The Demo:

Throughout the trade show the Agora Green area will stage a series of inspiring and instructive culinary demonstrations. Chefs who are already engaged in the responsible food approach and contribute to different Sirha events will present their creations: a vegetal dish by a chef from the Bocuse d’Or family (former winners or members of Team France); a local creation by a chef from the Omnivore network; a classic dish revisited by a reputed starred chef and a demonstration featuring a sustainable dessert presented by a pastry chef from the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie family.

Agora Green.jpg

The Green Kitchen:

A fully outfitted kitchen: the demonstrations will be delivered in a professional kitchen arranged andfully outfitted with the latest appliances in line with recent environmental standards. Installed in partnership with CINOV Restauconcepteurs® - professional association specialised in food and hospitality engineering – and La RPF Cuisine Pro - a French trade magazine - the Green Kitchen will boast low energy consumption thus proving that sustainable kitchen can also be profitable.


The Exhibitors

More than one hundred exhibitors presenting products and services for professionals: segmented into five sections (sourcing of products & beverages; appliances and equipment; transport and logistics; restaurant room and shop design, table decoration and new technologies), players catering to the Food Service industry will present their offering in terms of procurement and labelling, production management tools, new green solutions for distribution, transport and storage, sustainable solutions for kitchen and dining room design, new technologies as well as new services and providers to the sector. This offering will introduce the new responsible options that are available to all types of food service: commercial catering, mass catering, snacking, hospitality, food trade, and to decision-makers, pur chasers, and users.

The Green Table

Green Table restaurant ‘100% green’: equipment, products, tableware, design … the whole environment of a ‘Green’restaurant will be presented to the visitors, with advice and ideas to inspire professionals in the industry. In partnership with La Commune and the Institut Paul Bocuse.

Table Green.jpg

The Green Stage

Culinary creativity, organised by the association Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, Sunday 17th June: 13 mixed teams - one chef working in mass catering and one chef working in commercial catering - from all regions of France will pit their skills against one another.

The Artisans Day will be held on Monday 18th June with two 1st editions contests: La Corbeille d’Or and the Farm Cheese Awards.


La Corbeille d'Or will place the emphasis on food service trades with a contest dedicated to fruit and vegetables.


The Farm Cheese Awards will expect more than 300 international craft cheeses. 

And on the 19th June the association L’R Durable will organise demonstrations all day long where teams of two chefs from L’R Durable network will be showing their skills while featuring green products cooking. 

The Green Palms

Following the model of the French ‘Palmes de la Restauration’, the Leaders Club France will present prizes to restaurants that propose an innovative and responsible approach. A selection of concepts in line with a sustainable development approach will be submitted to a jury of professionals.

Palmes Green Application

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Useful Information

The Sirha Green trade show is exclusively reserved for professionals.


From Sunday 17 to Tuesday 19 June 2018


9am to 6pm every day


Eurexpo - Visitors Entrance - Hall 4
Boulevard des Droits de l'Homme
69500 Bron, FRANCE

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 45.743527
Longitude: 4.971918


    Getting  to the Trade Show

    By public transports

    From Lyon Part-Dieu TGV station

    • Tramway T3, towards Meyzieu Z.I., Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie stop
    • L100 bus - Direct Eurexpo shuttle

    From Lyon Perrache TGV station

    •  Subway A, towards Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie, Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie stop
    • L100 bus - Direct Eurexpo shuttle

    From Lyon Saint-Éxupery Airport / TGV station

    • Trolley Rhônexpress towards Lyon Part-Dieu, Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie stop
    • L100 bus - Direct Eurexpo shuttle



    Important :

    The T5 TRAM LINE which usually leads to Eurexpo will not be working during the trade show 
    The L100 bus will replace the tram line to Eurexpo with scheduled timings

    - From 8:00am to 10:00am and from 4:00pm to 6:30pm : every 12 minutes
    - Otherwise : every 15 minutes

    The L100 bus is accessible directly via the T3 TRAM coming from La Part Dieu and via the A Line tube coming from the city centre (Perrache) 


    By train

    Lyon Part-Dieu TGV station

    • Regional, national and international
    • Access Eurexpo using public transport: 40 min

    Lyon Perrache TGV station

    • Regional and national
    • Access Eurexpo using public transport: 40 min

    Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport / TGV station

    • Regional + a few national and international destinations
    • Access Eurexpo using public transport: 40 min

    Indicative travel times

    • Strasbourg: 3h40
    • Marseille: 1h40
    • Lille: 3h
    • Bordeaux: 6h
    • Toulouse: 4h
    • Le Mans: 2h55


    By air
    Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
    • National and international: more than 100 destinations in 30 countries, including 86 scheduled flights
    • Access Eurexpo using public transport: 35 min
    By car
    Opt for public transport to come to the Sirha Green trade show
    Avoid traffic congestion thanks to the 25 TCL car parks.


    GPS Coordinates

    • Latitude: 45.729214
    • Longitude: 4.956693

    Nearby motorways and speedways

    • A43
    • A46
    • East bypass

    Nearby big cities

    • Geneva: 1h40
    • Marseille: 3h
    • Turin: 3h30
    • Paris: 4h30
    • Milan: 4h30






    • 50€ per person for a ticket without invite
    • Students (groups visits) : only students who are preparing for their last year at university can access the event, 1 group per school accepted ; the validation of the group will be given by the organiser. Conditions : the applications must be done by a teacher or an administration member. To come to Sirha Green students will be supervised by a teacher. The badge is valid only for the chosen day. 
    • Special accreditation for press

    Ask for your badge 



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